Growth through inclusion

Everything we do follows the principle that leaders that create inclusive cultures have high performing teams, manage change better, have increased engagement and more commitment.

Our experience of working with clients and leaders across the globe, is that those leaders that create inclusive cultures have high performing teams, manage change better, have increased engagement and more commitment from teams. We partner with organizations to help create more inclusive cultures, through work with leaders, teams and individuals. We do this through bespoke consultancy, senior executive coaching, organizational policy reviews and audits and we have created a full set of programmes to help create more inclusive cultures and increasing organizational performance, internal and external.

Our programmers are designed and proven to raise awareness, change behaviours and start to shift attitudes and beliefs. Our programmes are:

Evidence based: we are passionate about using data as a source of evidence for affecting change.

Applied to the needs of your organisation: we tailor our programmes so that they are specific to the needs of your organisation

Innovative and blended:  our initiatives are all supported by our IDC Learning™ app 

Team led: we believe that change in behaviors, attitudes and beliefs are most effectively achieved when approached as a team. 

Cognitive Psychology: we want to connect people to how the learning affects thoughts, feelings and problem solving. 

Fully evaluated ROI: we know how important it is to be able to provide evidence of the return on your investment. 

One of our key programmes, Bias and Belonging. This programme helps individuals, teams and organisations learn, appreciate and internalize their views on bias and consider how to increase their own and others’ sense of belonging in the organisation.Biases can be used to either exclude or include others.  Rather than looking to eliminate bias, our programme focuses on how to recognise and understand our biases in order to consider how they serve us, our team and our organisation and mitigate those biases that create exclusion.

What we’re talking about

We’re supporting women around the world through our free mentoring programme to build confidence, knowledge, their understanding of technology and explore future career options.

In Diverse Company hosts events globally on topics such as; “What makes a leader inclusive?”; “How can data help shape your D&I agenda?”. For more information or to register interest please…

We are proud of the international team we’ve built. Find out more about our teams’ stories.

Our technology learning platform drives positive behaviour change. it has been developed by technologists, human and behavioural scientists and in collaboration with academics.